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THIS IS A SCAM APP AND THE APPLE STILL PERMITS IT! Developers somehow managed to make you pay without displaying the in-App purchase confirmation dialog box. It makes you start monthly subscriptions for useless ("just-for-fun") astral and palm "analysises". If you realize that you paid for it unintended, visit reportaproblem apple dot com, there you can cancel it and get your money back.

Just a scam

Not even real they just trying to get your money.


Don’t ever get this app. It scams you if your money and I just lost 8.99 for a stupid palm reading that probably isn’t even gonna work. So never ever get this app unless you want to be scammed

Do not download it

Do no


Doesn’t work, they will only steal from you.

Do NOT Download

This app first of all is a scam... when you download the app if says you can have a free week trial. I thought that was pretty cool so I did it. It charged me $8.99 for EVERYTHING anyways. Palm reading, eye reading, card reading etc... I’m getting ahold of iTuned because for an app that says “entertainment ONLY” then offered a free week THEN STILL takes your money. Is nothing more then a scam. As a person who dose believe in some of this stuff, nothing about it was even based of anything. It was all random and made no sense... the tarot card weren’t even kinda close to what they should be... don’t waste your time with this app.

Good app

Gives me a general idea of what my day is going to be like.


The worst app! The daily horoscope doesn't get written until it’s already tomorrow. The palm reading is a waste of click!

Love It

I normally have my disregards to the whole astronomy stuff, but this been right on..


You guys are literally just like an actual psychic. Nothing but a bunch of scammers. Got the app because I thought it looked cool and you can’t even use any of its features unless you pay a monthly fee.

Do not download

This app is ridiculous. It says “free trial” and then charges you 8.99 for everything and it’s not even real. Do not download. Now I’ve been searching for a way to end my free trial and I cannot figure out how to do that! There’s no link or anything on the app nor in any email they sent me to end my subscription! Hope I don’t continue to get charged!

Really bad

bad bad bad

Do not download

This is a scam

Complete Dissapointment

This app is not worth downloading what so ever ...DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP

They are thieves

They take payment without permission


Gives you a free one week subscription, which as normal you would have to cancel, but besides that you cannot access anything beyond the free subscription. The app tried charging me $22.99 to read my palm, sorry, I’m not sorry. I’m not paying for this

crappy apps


way to many in app purchases

really misleading app and costs way to much money


I clicked “eye reading” button thinking it would be questions but it asked for a picture of my face. I took the picture and it seems they kept it and put it in a chat room where someone could analyze it. It left me scared thinking they have a picture of me. Also, the app has continuous pop ups asking for money. Hated the app, don’t download.




Do not download


I did this and it charged me 14$ even after I cancelled the trial and a week later I got another charge 14$ and I don’t even have the app and I cancelled my “subscription” this app is a scam and will take your money still trying to get the money to stop being taken out but some how they still get my money and I’m over it. Save yourself and don’t download it’s not worth it

Super Scam

The ominous details provided are to keep you intrigued. None of the cards are relative to what I have pulled in an actual physical tarot reading. I’m highly aware there are numerous decks available for purchase. This must have just been a calling from the universe to stick with what’s real and not digital. If you are in any way curious about readings, spend the money on a professional. Not an app advertised on Instagram. Silly me for being swayed by the idea. Please read the directions to cancel your subscription thoroughly to avoid erroneous billing. There’s an Apple support url you need to use in order to get to the option to unsubscribe.

Don’t download!!!

I canceled my subscription and don’t even have the app anymore. Yet still took 13 bucks 2 times in a week out of my account.


As soon as you download the app they ask you for more than 30 bucks just for them to tell you what your hand lines mean thought the app was going to be cool fun app at first but not worth it don’t even download it not even worth your memory space on your phone


Locked me out of my iTunes because it says I purchased something and the only way to sign in is to pay it and I’m not paying for something that was supposed too be a free trial and I canceled before was up if I could rate worse then one I would

DO NOT EVEN DOWNLOAD, you will be charged for anything you try to use

I got it just for the palm reading because i thought it was interesting -never have done this in real life- so I gave it a try, “free for a week premium” ok sounds good...palm reading $8.99 i wanted to take a screen shot without thinking used my Touch ID finger, got charged right away. I will contact apple or whomever I need to because this is not an app that should be out here making us look stupid and stealing our money because it even says “this application is for entertainment use only, the results are not based on ANY astrological data” so why even bother calling this “Astral Coach” when there is nothing astrological related to it?? I have all the screen shots if any one wants to see them

Billed $15 for NOTHING

This app is a scam!!! After popping up on my FaceBook page several times and listing that it was a FREE app I decided to download and stick with the basic level of service. Somehow my apple account charged me 14.99 because of my download of the app I guess. !!!!DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP, ITS A SCAM!!!! The horoscopes are just wack, ALL pessimistic, and inaccurate. PLUS a little bit cheesy. Now I’ll probably have to fight with my bank for my $14.99 back to my account.


Misleading uninstalling

Huge scam

Download for free then it asks you to upgrade for some price it said free palm reading but that’s not free at all I never purchased anything cause free is free but this is a waste of time and apple won’t refund you because you got scammed 😉

Why did you take my money

I need my 79.99 back ASAP


Do not download this!!

Don’t waste your time

Deserves less than a star

Rip off

I downloaded out of curiosity and it said I could sign up for a free trial and so I did and then canceled the same day and now weeks later have a 14.99 charge from them...don’t use this app!!!


I downloaded this also for curiosity for the palm reading. I attempted to get it a pop up said I needed to buy the premium for this feature and this makes sense on a free app there are things that are not fee so I signed up $12.99 a month. Finalized purchased. Went back in to complete the palm reading and a new pop up saying I needed to purchase a palm reading for $8.99. So what was the first purchase ??? Backed out. Went into the birth chart. Again new pop up I need to pay $4.99 for that. So again what was the 12.99 for ???????


Can’t offer a free app and everything you wanna do inside the app you gotta pay for. B.S don’t recommend it




12.99 to have someone read ur palm? No thanks.. horrible and false advertising



don’t waste your energy!

Downloaded on a whim from facebook. 1st of all you can only see your daily horoscope for free otherwise they want you to sign up for a subscription. 2nd they had a “free 1 week” subscription but they want you to pay separately for each thing like a palm reading for $9 on top of your subscription, ummm no.


I'm honestly just trying to get the 2-day unlimited subscription trail. Giving my fate here to chance.🤙


How do I goddamn cancel this thing!?! It mislead me to believe for the 12.99 subscription I would get my palm read which it didn't! Now there's no where to cancel 😡😡😡


dont waist youre time

I️ don’t want this

I️ don’t know how u guys are charging my credit card but I️ don’t have this app and I️ don’t want it so please cancel me off this cause I️ didn’t request it or order it

Not a free app

The app doesn't let you do anything unless you pay or try there premium a waste of a download DONT DO IT

Pointless app!!!

This app I downloaded for free and did a free week TRIAL again genes on the TRIAL! I did not like it and wanted to cancel my trial. There was no where to cancel I got no response from them about it and now because it wants a payment I can’t update or download apps on my iPad or phone. Very upset with this app!

You are a scammer(NO NOT PATRONIZE THEM)

My intention to this app was for the reading of my palmistry, I downloaded free but when I wanted to upload it, it said I must be a premium which was $4.99 for a month. I have a receipt for that with Apple. Yet, I got no response from them about the result till now... when I tried to contact their specialist, they wanted me to buy a credit for that which I chose $4.99 for 200 characters. I sent almost 40 characters the specialist never replied, maybe when I finished using the characters that's when the specialists will reply which means I must have to buy another characters to be able say hi or hello I want this. So they are fraudsters.... NO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM....


Love this app


You can’t do ANYTHING it’s all premium this and premium that, I am not going to spend money on something like this that I could easily get off of google

This app is an scam

Awful app waste of money make you pay for information you can get/find for free


Always on point!

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