Astral Coach App Reviews

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THIS IS A SCAM APP AND THE APPLE STILL PERMITS IT! Developers somehow managed to make you pay without displaying the in-App purchase confirmation dialog box. It makes you start monthly subscriptions for useless ("just-for-fun") astral and palm "analysises". If you realize that you paid for it unintended, visit reportaproblem apple dot com, there you can cancel it and get your money back.


Nothing free on this app. Dont even bother downloading.

No Support.

I hate writing reviews. But, this is horrible, I tried the free trial, like I do with some things, but I didn’t like it and I can’t figure out how to cancel. It’s ridiculous. And I’ve tried support, but my responses are not submitting, so I am paying for this thing that I am not using. Do not get it. Waste of money, that I don’t have, every month because I can’t cancel.

Trash app

Literal garbage. Every palmistry result is the same with different peoples hands. Even with trial everything costs A LOT and is trash. To cancel free trial, go to App Store, Account Settings, Subscriptions.


Downloaded free version started free trail now can’t find the cancel subscription button anywhere....DO NOT opt for free trail because I’ve look all in the app and can’t cancel it now


This app scams money i do not recommend




This app is a total scam and it will still your money. This app was taking 12.99$ every from my iTunes account


All I need is my daily horoscope so this is perfect for me!

Ty for the accuracy and support threw this in life

Very awesome layout


It's pretty cool to read the messages it gives u sum type of motivation💯💯💯😊


Great app

Great app

Wow just wow.. amazing app love it

Elvis Elorm Nyamadi

One of the best three Astrology apps in the world. Accurate daily horoscope.

Cool app

Nice to spend your time exploring the app


I downloaded this app then they asked me for 79.00 a month. And I'm like no I can't afford that. So I deleted it and if you aren't sure to go into your iTunes to cancel your subscription it will charge you randomly for about once a week.... mind you I DELETED THIS APP about 6 months ago and I've had to call Apple multiple times to get my money back. So beware.


For my life

You have to pay to use it

Other than the daily horoscope readings, you have to pay $12.99 a month to use any of its features. Which I think is just ridiculous...


This app is so dumb. You have to pay for everything individually! I had to pay more to message the palm reader! And she couldn't even tell me what was happening!



Awesome mental guide

Highly recommend the application.

This app

This app is really good I love all that it has to offer


Was asked to do review


I would give it zero stars if i could. U have to pay for almost everything!!!

Great App

It's a great app and it helps me coordinate my day


Great app

Muy acertados.

Muy sorprendida de cuan acertado es el horoscopo con mi vida diaria. Excelente app


goooood app

Totally worthless!!!

It's shows or tells you nothing without a subscription = Just another way to make you spend your $$$.

Don't waist your time!

Free to download but for every step you have to pay... catchy! you may get a free trial - don't forget to cancel the subscription.

I like it

Really great astrological app.

Not sure yet

I'm not sure yet. It asked me to do a review when I first opened the app so I did


I love this app


It helps me with my day.


I love them They have really helped me in the future as well

Me encanta!!👩🏻‍🌾

Pues a mí me encanta, todos los días sin falta reviso el horóscopo.👏🏻👏🏻😉👍🏻


This app is awful. Nothing is free but the stupid daily horoscope, which you can legitimately get anywhere. I accidentally clicked on the birth chart and was charged 4.99 because my finger was already on my home button. I didn't view the report, nor do I want it. I have reached out to the app developer to get a refund and have received no response. Also, I have searched EVERWHERE to figure out how to cancel the free trial and there are no links and no instructions other than to go to settings. I've been to settings. There's nothing there.


I was asked to give this app a review for a 2-day free unlimited subscription. When I followed the link and wrote my review, nothing happened. The app is still in preview mode.

Best app I've ever used

This is one of the best apps that I have used in a while






Seems neat enough for what it is. Wish the palm reader would have flash. But I haven't ran into any delays or glitches and the horoscopes seem on par with competitors. Overall good.


Mixed views: I like the horoscope feature but I really wanted to try the palm thing without paying money :(


Cool marketing, great idea. Business model is poorly executed. You give them your email, birthdate and name. You log in and you immediately get a free horoscope. But I didn't sign up for a freakin horoscope. I wanted to do the cool palm reading thing they were showing off on their commercials. So I scrolled down, and the first thing I see is like a live coach service that cost money. Didn't care for that cause once again, it's not why I signed up. Then finally I see the palm thing. I'm allowed to access it and experience the hand alignment feature, it even lets you take a picture of your palm. However I'm not sure there app actually reads your palm like the video shows it might. It seems to just take a picture of your palm and that's it. You also have to be the one to press the camera logo button to take a picture. Lol. So finally the photo is captured and a window pops up saying this feature is not free. Lol. Listen I'm all about paying for services offered. That's just fair. I would have like to know upfront. I had to be led through this what is now a deceiving path. And that quite frankly, I don't support. I don't support visibility tactics. Sorry. Anyhow, I tried to find a way to delete my account and they don't even have an option to do it. Very tried to send a message to the app via there contact and It said I had to pay to contact them too! 😂. If I could put a sarcastic Stewie griffin gif here I would.

Cancel Subscription

How do I cancel the subscription🤔

5 Star Rating for Unlimited Subscription

Yes Please!


Just started but great app.

Gotta pay to do anything at all

Can't even get the palm reading for free.


just wanna try out full functionality to determine if its worth paying for.

Complete Scam

I've seen astrological studies that are free and far outweigh the accuracy of this app. If I could give it zero stars I would. They charge you an extremely unreasonable amount for a half baked app that would take a six year old less than five minutes to duplicate.


This app is fake and not free.

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